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ANU Supercomputer Facility
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The ANU Supercomputer Facility (ANUSF) provides advanced computing support to computational science, engineering, social science and the humanities. Advanced computing includes high performance computing, large or complex data management, high-end visualization (including virtual environments), and virtual community management.

As well as supporting advanced computing infrastructure, the ANUSF supports researchers with expertise at all levels, from basic operational support to algorithm development and implementation and collaboration in research projects.

The ANUSF operates and supports the peak computer system of the National Facility of the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI).

ANUSF provides Storage Services for a range of large data projects, from handling large volumes of data from computational models or instruments such as astronomical telescopes, grid technologies, data analysis and mining, and supporting workflows and specialised repositories.

Most of the information on ANUSF services and activities is available on the NCI web pages.


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