Hi, this page was written by Jason Ozolins of the ANU Supercomputer Facility to help in the delivery of the our DDN disk array.
Here's my office street address and phone number:
(02) 6125 5449
Room 316
Level 3
Leonard Huxley Building
Building 56, Mills Rd, Acton
Canberra, ACT

email: FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME@anu.edu.au

[email address obfuscated to deter spam; please substitute my first and last names into the email adress.]
The delivery dock is around the back of the building, at the very end of Garran Road.

Click this link to get a Google Maps street view of our loading dock (it's behind the row of white cars at the left of the image).

Click this link to get a Google Maps view of the front of our building.