Drishti on Linux

Drishti on Linux

The older version of Drishti is no longer maintained, you can find previous web pages here .


Drishti is a Qt application and as such it uses the qmake build system.

The following dependencies are required for compiling Drishti:

To compile and install Drishti, you can use the following sequence of commands:

> tar -xzf drishti-<version>.tar.gz
> cd drishti-<version>
> qmake
> make
> sudo make install

This will install the various Drishti binaries in /usr/bin and documentation into /usr/share/drishti-<version>. This can be changed by setting some variables when issuing the qmake command, eg:

> qmake PREFIX=/usr/local _
    INSTALLDOCDIR=/usr/local/share/doc/drishti-1.1.0 _

The command above should be issued on one line, the underscores are used to indicate line continuation and should not be typed in. This will install Drishti under /usr/local instead. The documentation directory needs to be set as well as the prefix. Note that the Qt help executable is named different things under different distributions and for this reason you may have to set this at compile time. The default is assistant.

Individual Distributions

As more packages are built, notes will be added here for the various distributions: