Drishti on Ubuntu

Binary Distribution

Below is a download for a experimental binary version of Drishti that can be installed in local users accounts or in a shared location such as /opt.

To install in your home directory:

> cd ~
> tar -xzf Drishti-<version>.tar.gz

To install for all system users:

> su -c "tar -xzf Drishti-<version>.tar.gz -C /opt"

Update your PATH variable to point to the Drishti-<version>/bin directory.



Older Releases


You need the following packages installed on your system

To test if a particular prerequisite is installed:

> dpkg -W <package>

If the package is installed, the above command will print out the version installed. Just the package name will be printed if the package is not installed.

To install the package if it isn't installed:

> sudo apt-get install <package>"